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Comparison Of SVPWM And FFM Tchniques In DVR To Mitigate Volage Sag And Swell

In this paper, the operation of DVR is presented and the control techniques used for voltage source inverter are Fundamental Frequency Method and Space vector PWM. Space vector PWM techniques can utilize the better dc voltage and generates the fewer harmonic in inverter output voltage than Fundamental Frequency Method. Phase jump compensation is achieved by using Phase Locked Loop. This work describes the DVR based on Fundamental Frequency Method and Space Vector PWM incorporating the PLL provides voltage support to sensitive loads and is simulated by using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The control approach presented is able to compensate for any type of voltage sags and swells. THD comparison between FFM and SVPWM has presented. This work also intended to assimilate the amount of DC energy storage depends on the installed load in case of SVPWM. Keywords- Voltage sag, Voltage Swell, THD, FFM, SVPWM, DVR.