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Switching Study On High Voltage Efficient Motor

High Voltage Motors are a vital component of the energy conversion process for electric utilities. These are used to drive water pumps, feed pumps in super thermal power stations, marine loading terminals, off-shore gas platform and many other high voltage high power applications. Most motors experience surges with magnitudes 6 to 8 pu and rise times 0.2 to 0.6 µs. Grounding of the motor supply cable shield on one end (preferably motor end) can minimize the severity of switching surges seen at the motor terminals. The risetimes and magnitudes of surges produced by vacuum and air-magnetic switchgear are similar. However, vacuum switchgear produce multiple surges in each operation. Inadequate quality control appears to be the real cause for low surge strength of poor motors. The grounding of the shielding ends of XLPE cable play important role in addition to protecting devices such as capacitor, resistor and ZnO-Varistor. Index terms— Switching Surges, Transients, High Voltage Motors, ZnO-Varistor, Shielding Ends of XLPE cable