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Traffic Control Using Hand Gesture Recognition

In a smart environment, people usually hope to use the most natural and convenient ways to express their intentions and interact with the environment. Button pressing, often used in the remote control panel, provides the most traditional means of giving commands to devices and appliances. Such kind of operation, however, is not natural and sometimes even inconvenient. In this regard, gesture-based interaction offers an alternative way in a smart environment. Hand gesture recognition is one of the method of the human computer interface.New input methods, closer to human nature are searched for replacing traditional ones. This paper aims in implementing real time gesture recognition. The primary goal is to create a system that can identify human generated gestures and use this information for device control.Once the gesture is identified corresponding control action assigned to the gesture is actuated. This paper presents a hand gesture recognition system built around an accelerometer sensor. The system is made by a sensing and transmitting part and a computer