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Large Set Orthogonal Kasami Codes For CDMA System

The ever increasing demand of the users has led the present day communication System to adapt new efficient technologies to meet the specific requirements; mainly bandwidth and power. CDMA is the most popular and efficient mechanism that has been widely used in present mobile communication system. There are different types of spreading code namely PN sequence, Walsh hadamard code, Gold sequence, Kasami code etc. While assigning the codes to the CDMA users, the objective should be to serve as many users as possible. At the same time, proper care must be taken to ensure that inter-code interference between the users should be as low as possible. In this paper, the proposed Large Set Orthogonal Kasami sequence is capable of providing more number of different codes as compared to other spreading code in synchronous CDMA system. Also developed code generation algorithm and studied the Bit Error Rate (BER) Vs Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).