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Performance Enhancement Of MIMO-OFDM Technology In Lte Systems

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for the future wireless technology and a step towards the fourth generation (4G). The current generation of mobile telecommunication standard is 3G and the limitations in response time, download speed and cost led to the development of LTE.LTE uses Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technologies with four antennas in conjunction with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple (OFDM) are placed to increase the data rate. The use of OFDM eliminates Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) and the MIMO system provides a solution to the multipath challenge and both techniques offer better mitigation against fading and helps in an increase in data rates. Here the performance of different MIMO techniques such as transmit diversity and spatial multiplexing are analyzed and the performance of latter is checked with different detector (zero forcing detector) at the receiving end and used a lower order modulation(BPSK) at the transmitting end.