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Estimation And Compensation Of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) And Channel Distortion For MIMO OFDM Systems

In this paper, proposed a joint estimation of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) and Channel Distortion for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system using training sequences. Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) acquisition algorithm and Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) Tracking algorithm are proposed to improve the estimation accuracy of MIMO OFDM system. The proposed estimation method requires at least one OFDM training block for estimation and training symbols should be random. If the OFDM training block consists of two repeated sequences, a low complexity two step approach used to solve the joint estimation problem. Simulation results show that the Mean Squared Error (MSE) of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) and Channel Distortion in proposed methods.