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Smoke Detection In Non-Radioactive Method With Call Transfer To Alert

this project is intended to serve some real life purposes which include home appliances and remote controlled execution of different functions in the industries as well. The main idea here is to control fire in any industry and domestic area in a very cost effective way. Usually the fire alarm commonly uses ionization chamber to detect any kind of smoke, but the ionization chamber is not feasible everywhere because it is too costly. Here we have used the concept of temperature rise and smoke generation to detect any kind of fire. The main objective was to reduce the cost of launching the appliance. So apart from the conventional ideas we have used the properties of light dependent resistors to detect the smoke and temperature dependant resistor to detect rise in temperature. When a fire breaks out, we might not be at home, we might be asleep or we might not be paying much attention to what is going on around us. Fire detectors have been developed using science knowledge and technology. Automatic fire alarm systems are a key component in saving many buildings from fires. In many incidents an automatic system has prevented fires from spreading across a building informing the authorities just at the onset of temperature increase. We can put itin residential building, commercial buildings and also in educational units