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Recent Technological Advances In Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronics is a new field of research that is becoming popular day by day. The arrival of new era of foldable power sources in integration with electronics has led to growing demand for portable, flexible roll-up displays, biomedical sensors and wearable devices. Devices that are bendable or even wearable are unique in their functionality and convenience. Not only do they have excellent electrochemical performance but also there is a drasticreduction in the devices tendency to break or damage under pressure. We shall discuss about some of the latest technological innovations in foldable electronics like flexible solar cells and place special focus on cable-type flexible batteries. We shall also introduce various functional electrodes explored for flexible lithium ion batteries based on carbon nanotubes, graphene paper and also on a newly advanced technology of using inkjet printable ink based on graphene(or prepared from graphene) and flexible LEDs. A comprehensive discussion on supercapacitors and Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs) which are at the forefront of present day energy storage technologies is dealt within this paper. These devices are high in demand in the modern world and provide an avenue for extensive research to obtain superior next generation technologies