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Moving Obstacle Detection And Remote Video Monitoring System Using Cortex-A8

In this paper the Detection of Moving obstacle and remote video monitoring and extracting the key frames from the captured video system based on high performance SAMSUNG S5PV210 CORTEX-A8 processor core is build and expanding peripheral devices using embedded Linux as the operating system. Today monitoring systems are either webcam based or simple motion detection based. Here we have interfaced both webcam and PIR sensor to the embedded system so that the user can get an immediate alert message and can take necessary steps. This system is based on the kernel of Cortex board with the GSM module being triggered by a Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor (PIR), which senses changes in the external temperature, especially in this case when an invader enters in to remote location and send SMS to the user. At the same time, by using a smart device or a PC, the user can link to the video streaming server constructed on the embedded board via the internet and browse the webpage to monitor the surveillance area, here the UVC driver and V4L programming is used to interface USB camera to the board to capture video information and then board will do two parallel works first one is transmits the processed captured video information using wireless network, which will be collected and monitored at client side using wireless network connection through the wireless device, second one is extracts the key frames from captured video using OpenCV and served on a server, the both provides an advantage to surveillance monitoring system.