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A Fail-Safe Communication Method For Vehicular Accidents

This paper describes a new, low cost and very reliable device to be used with vehicles either it be heavy motor vehicle, light motor vehicle or any other vehicle, so that, if the vehicle meets with an accident then the vehicle automatically informs about the accident and its geographical location to the nearest emergency medical services, traffic policeas well as the insurance company. There are several technologies proposed however they are concerned only with vehicle driving and road safety, only a few are concerned with post accident management. However, even after the implementation of technologies related to collision avoidance, accident statistics have not decreased on larger scale.Even a few technologies proposed for post accident management need high investment cost and therefore have not been implemented. In this paper a new system has been developed, which post accident uses the driver’s smartphone to send the accident message on the emergency toll free number. The proposed system is having very low implementation cost and its implementation results have been discussed.