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Security Improvisation For Quality Of Service In Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Security is a weak point in ad hoc networks due to the inherent quality of wireless media, mobility of the nodes and lack of centralized entity. Improvisation of Quality of Service in MANET is a challenging issue due to its resource constraints. We present an Improved Secure-DSR (IS-DSR), a secure routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. I S-DSR authenticates the routing messages using digital signatures based on asymmetric cryptography. Our objective behind IS-DSR is to have secured multiple routes to each destination and store a local trust factor for each node in the network. A trust factor is assigned to each path based on trust factor of the nodes which occur on that path. The paths with higher trust factor are preferred for routing. We implemented our approach in Glomosim simulator and compared the performance of IS-DSR and DSR. Our results show the evaluation of packet delivery ratio, routing overhead and delay outperforms in varying malicious nodes between IS-DSR and DSR.