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Pulse Propagation Through Wall

The ultra-wideband (UWB) communication promises an excellent indoor alternative due to the expected throughthe- wall propagation capabilities. The main reason is low signal attenuation at low frequencies. However, to avoid interference with existing systems the bandwidth of operation should be shifted to frequencies above 3 GHz.Ultra-wideband radar signals’ frequencies are between a bandwidth of approximately 500MHz to several gigahertz. This radar has properties that allow the signals to penetrate everything but solid sheets of metal and water. The purpose of this study is introducing a new adaptive modification for people detectionby determining the penetrated wall thicknesses. In order to find out the penetrated wall thicknesses, firstly the frequency response of the wall is to be determined. To calculate frequency response there are two models used which are a single and dual antenna model. Using the frequency response equations for each model, the calculated received signal is analyzed to determine a relationship between reflections and wall thickness.For single antenna model, reflected signals is simulated for the case of signals coming through different angle. For dual antenna model, received signals is simulated for the case of signals through multilayer or wall and people. Keywords - People Detection, Ultra-Wideband Communication, Wall Imaging.