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Web Based Patient Monitoring System Using Arm9 Processor

Embedded devices creating a great impression in the observing of patients located in secluded nonclinical environments like homes, military bases, ships. As part of this rising trend, in this paper, we present a real-time patient monitoring facility through Web using ARM processor, It creates an environment for the physicians to monitor their patient in remote sites using popular Web browser .It is important to continuously monitor the conditions of a patient and it becomes difficult to keep informed about the critical conditions developed in each of the patients. This project provides a device which will continuously monitor the vital parameters to be monitored for a patient and do data logging continuously and produces the information in the web. The perseverance of the system is the establishment of extended monitoring for patients beneath drug therapy after the infarction, data gathering in some specific cases, remote consultation, and low-price ECG monitoring for the aged and ICU patient conditions through web for the medical professionals in a large setup like a hospital or clinical center where a single doctor attends many patients.