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A Location Based Schedule Resource Allocation Scheme For OFDMA Techniques In Wireless Sensor Network

Sensor networks are widely used in the large geographical area and this has to be finding the location of every transmission. The frequencies are considered the major persuasion in sensor networks. Frequency division multiple access (FDMA), time division multiple access (TDMA) and Code division multiple access techniques (CDMA) are used to share the available bandwidth, but these approaches are deviating the frequencies in a wireless communication system. The proposed system of this research described that why OFDMA are best than all other multiplexing techniques. Based on, how resources are used to allocate the bandwidth with narrow beam without subdivisions of the frequencies. The Schedule resources allocation scheme (SRAS) are allocated parallel to accessing data in the particular zone to avoid overlapping bandwidth and also increased the energy level for accessing quick data. Then finally it produces average time measurement in all multiplexing technique with weighted centroid Localization method.