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An Enhance Medical Image Security Based On Using Chaotic Map

Abstract - The security is major issues in anywhere. The medical images are playing an important role in diagnosis of many diseases. However, the securities of medical images are inferior. Therefore, the importance of security of medical images is paramount to avoid mishandling moreover; the conventional cryptographic algorithms are unable to provide robust security. Hence, an innovative algorithm has been developed to provide robust security to medical images to avoid mishandling. In this paper introduces a new method for medical image of making a simple and more effective chaotic system by using two differences of the output sequence of same existing one-dimension (1D) chaotic maps. The medical images simulation and security evaluations show that the proposed system is able to produce a one-dimension (1D) chaotic system, which is better chaotic performance and wide chaotic ranges compared with the previous chaotic maps. To the investigate its applications in medical images security encryption, a novel encryption system of linear-nonlinear-linear structure based on total shuffling method is proposed. The experiment was demonstrated the accuracy of the medical images encryption algorithm. The experiments and security analysis prove that the algorithm has an excellent performance in medical images encryption and various brute force attacks. As medical images contain noise we should apply median filter as preprocessing step. And to get improved results we applied histogram equalization for encrypted image to get final encrypted image which is more robust than normal encryption. Keywords - Chaotic algorithm, Medical images, Encryption, Histogram, PSNR, Image.