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D.O.T.S (Digital Ordering and Touch Less Serving) in Restaurants

Abstract - With advancements in Robotics and Automation the quality of our life is improving to a great extent. Robots are becoming an integral part of our industrial and domestic settings. The paper discusses the design and development of a Robot in a restaurant setting with no requirement of a menu card and food being served by the Robot. This not only aids our efforts towards automation, but also helps us towards the cause of sustainability by reduction in the use of paper being used by the restaurants. The paper provides the details of the hardware – the embedded aspects of the robot as well as the software aspects for designing a web page for the menu card. and a backend program for receiving all the orders submitted by the people to be displayed on a monitor or screen placed near the kitchen for the convenience of the chefs. With the pandemic looming large, hygiene aspects are also taken care of as the food will be served by the robot. Keywords - QR, Menucard, Food Serving Bot, Hygienic