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Design of Dual Band Antenna for ISM 2.4GHz and UHF 1.1 GHz bands

Abstract - Wireless communication technologies have advanced quickly during the last ten years. designed are 35mm × 35mm and the resonating frequency of 1.1 GHz and 2.4GHz is A number of requirements for the antenna, including size miniaturization, power consumption, simplicity, compatibility with printed-circuit technology, low profile, light weight, lower return loss, and good radiation properties, are being placed on it by the wave of new wireless devices brought about by this ongoing trend [1]. In this paper an antenna for ISM band 2.4GHz [2]and UHF 1.1 GHz band is is designed with miniaturized dimensions ,the dimensions of the patch antenna attained by cutting the rectangular slots on the ground plane of the patch antenna. The gain of 4db is achieved and radiation efficiency of 88% and the reflection coefficient (S_11) less than -10dB is attained for both the bands in the proposed structure.