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Effect Of Tio2 As An Anti-Reflection Coating On Sic Based Photovoltaic Cell: A Simulation Study

Abstract - This paper deals with the simulation studies of photovoltaic (PV) cells containing SiC materials with titanium dioxide as optimum anti-reflecting layer using SCAPS-1D simulation software by University of Gent, Belgium. Numerical modelling is used to estimate and assess the solar cell parameters. The effect of TiO2 as anti-reflecting coating is investigated on the major performance parameters of the n-SiC/P-SiC PV cell, such as maximum voltage and current output, short circuit voltage and current, fill factor and conversion efficiency. The results reveal that the efficiency of SiC-based based photovoltaic devices are increased by 17.64% using TiO2as an anti-reflecting layer. Keywords - TiO2/SiC Solar Cell, Anti-Reflection Coating, SCAPS-1D Software