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Smart Traffic Light Control on Edge in IOT-Regulated Intersections

Abstract - Traffic is a well-known everyday problem that standard traffic lights controllers can struggle to deal with, especially in highly populated cities, resulting in congestion at the intersections and the consequent formation of queues. Smart traffic lights management, relying on Internet of Things (IoT) concepts and devices, may be adopted to mitigate this phenomenon. In this paper, we propose a Smart Intersection for Smart Traffic (SIST) regulated model using the max-pressure controller algorithm to dynamically modulate the duration of traffic lights, implemented on real-time embedded hardware and using data coming from local sensors and the IoT network. Compared to standard, fixed-duration control schemes, the dynamically IoT-regulated SIST model ensures overall reduction of the queue lengths, resulting in improved prevention of link overload by about 7% compared to the most favorable fixed-duration model. Keywords - Smart traffic light control, IoT, Edge computing, Smart city