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Design and Implementation of Cost –Efficient Home Energy Management System

Abstract - This paper presents the cost-efficient home energy management system (EMS). The use of energy management system can provide reducing the energy usage in an effective way and also leading to cost saving efficiently. The design and development of an intelligent monitoring and controlling system for home appliances in a Real time method is presented in this paper. Some of them include: time of use (ToU) pricing can have three values low, average, and high depending on the peak situation. real time pricing (RTP) is communicated to end-users on an hourly basis. This system primarily observers the electrical parameters such as voltage and current and subsequently calculates the power consumption of the home appliances that are needed to be monitored. This EMS is comprised the ZMPT 101B, ACS 712 and 4channel relay. DS3231RTC module is used to get the amount of electricity consumption with date and time. Arduino ATmega328 is using to control the home appliance’s voltage and current. And then it is used to notify from overusing electricity condition and display on LCD. GSM modem is used to send short message to household owner when the consumption unit level is greater than threshold unit level. SD card is used to store the data of the power consumption unit. In order to be clearly seen the effectiveness of our home energy management system, here the comparison of home energy consumption with and without EMS is done. Accordingly, it also states that this EMS can save 50% of electricity cost. Keywords - Power, Real Time Pricing, Time of Use Pricing, Energy Management System, Cost, GSM Modem