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Evaluation and Comparison of Multiple PFC Circuit Topologies for BLDC Motor Drive

Because of simplicity and high reliability, Brushless dc (BLDC) motors are commonly used. Bridgeless converters are preferred over a conventional diode bridge rectifiers as it reduces the conduction losses associated with it. In this paper analysis is carried out on three different bridgeless power factor correction converters and bridge converter for speed control of BLDC motor. The three bridgeless PFC converters consider here are Bridgeless Canonical Switching Cell converter, Bridgeless Buck-Boost converter and Bridgeless Luo converter. The absence of an input diode bridge and the presence of only semiconductor switches in the current flowing path during each switching cycle result in less conduction losses and an improved Efficiency of converter compared to the conventional PFC converter. BLDC motor speed and output DC voltage settling times are compared. Keywords - PFC (Power Factor Correction), BL-CSC (Bridge Less Canonical Switching Cell), Luo converter, BLDC (Brush Less Direct Current).