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IOT based Smart Health Monitoring System

With the development of technology, it is easy for anyone to connect with the other from any part of the world. Internet of things paves way to remotely control and monitor devices. The Body Area Sensor Network (BASN) under the IoT framework is used to monitor health ubiquitously. The current lifestyle demands an individual to lead an independent life. Urbanization and technology development has contributed to an increase in the percentage of people suffering from chronic diseases. People, irrespective of the age group they belong to are becoming a prey to these chronic diseases. The smart health monitoring system helps people in their health check. The system is an IoT based one with sensors connected to an Arduino microcontroller. The readings are taken with the help of the sensors and they are simultaneously updated in the Thing speak cloud platform. Any abnormal condition in the patient’s health condition will be notified to their care taker or a doctor through a text message with the help of a GSM module. Then the necessary steps can be taken by their caretaker or doctor to stop the patient from entering into an emergency condition. This system can be useful to maintain a healthy lifestyle with an eye over their health condition. Keywords - IOT, BASN, Arduino Microcontroller, Things Speak Cloud, Sensors.