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Optimal DER Integration In Conjunction with OLTC Tap using Hybrid Elephant HERD and Particle Swarm Optimization

This article uses a newly developed optimization, a hybrid of an elephant herd and particle swarm optimization swarm-based algorithms, to solve multi-objective problems for optimal deployment of DER sites and sizes and optimizing the tap position for on-load tap changing transformer. The proposed problem uses the Newton Raphson method for a load flow analysis of the system.The objective of this paper is to maximize the voltage stability index, minimize voltage deviation and losses. The proposed technique is successfully executed on two benchmark test distribution networks of 33 and 69 bus systems.The simulation result shows that using OLTC as a voltage regulator optimally utilizes the existing distribution resources, decreases the system's DER penetration, andgenerates higher benefit to utility and the consumer. Performance obtained from the hybrid approach and hybrid objective is successfully implemented on Matlab, and results are also shown for conclusion purposes. Performance of OLTC along with shunt capacitor shows that OLTC performance along with the reactive component. Keywords - On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC), Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Active Distribution Network (ADN), Distributed Generation (DG), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Voltage Stability Index (VSI).