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Prediction Of Equivalent Circuit Of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Based On Coupled Transmission Line Theory

The equivalent circuit modeling techniques of MLCC (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor) have been introduced in many papers. However these techniques need measured data, such as S-parameters to extract circuit parameters of MLCC, which is possible only after fabrication. This paper proposes the modeling method which does not need the experimentally measured data and only needs both structure and material data which can be determined at design stage. To verify the validness of the proposed circuit model, an MLCC which has 47nF, X7R and 1206 size is used in measurement to compare with pro- posed model. It is confirmed that the predicted impedance from the proposed equivalent circuit are quite perfectly matched with the measured results. Keywords- Coupled Transmission Line, Equivalent Circuit, Modeling, MLCC, Polishing, Prediction