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Data Security and Protection in Electronic Commerce

The term electronic commerce is given to any type of commercial transactions, which is the transfer of information through the Internet as it covers a different group of commercial activities that are used on the Internet as a platform through which information can be exchanged as well as the exchange of monetary currencies or both. The history of e-commerce has started since the invention of the phone in the last century when data is exchanged on a large scale, and large institutions have been keen to develop electronic data exchange beginning in the sixties and although at the beginning it did not gain acceptance from everyone, it continued and developed and the lack of acceptance of it continued until the eighties, and during the past thirty years, a lot of development in e-commerce has occurred clearly and significantly. The security threats to networks in all their divisions have become a permanent problem that worries producers, managers, and users alike, despite the research and studies on this topic, and the rapid progress in security equipment and applications, but all of this has been followed by advances in the techniques and methods of unlawful attacks. The knowledge of these methods and exposure to them through theoretical, practical, and analytical research and knowledge of developments in the solutions presented, all of this we considered a problem that this research may contribute to addressing. The research aims to provide some security requirements that an e-commerce user can use to secure his resources and wealth on the Internet, especially about financial transactions, and touched upon a brief study of some virtual private networks. Keywords - Electronic Commerce, Security, The Cryptography, Electronic markets, Virtual Private Network (VPN).