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Compact Size Rectangular Patch Reconfigurable Antenna For Cognitive Radio Applications

As the wireless devices are becoming smaller and smaller day by day, the size reduced antennas required on such devices are in huge demand. A lot of research is going on for smaller and size reduced antennas like using quasi-self complimentary structure fractals and so on. Here we have designed a bandwidth enhanced antenna by notching the lower edges of the Rectangular Patch antenna. We have proposed a compact size frequency reconfigurable of 17 mm x 17 mm antenna. This antenna acts as a sensing antenna at one particular switch configuration which covers the entire UWB band. While it is reconfigurable into subsequent sub-bands at different switch configurations, we have achieved reconfiguration into three subsequent bands. The material used is FR-4 which has a di-electric constant of 4.4 and thickness of 1.6mm. The simulations are performed on HFSS 13.0. Keywords- Reconfigurable Antenna, Cognitive Radio, UWB Antenna, Compact Size Antenna.