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Hydrophobicity Class of Porcelain Insulators Base on Method of Contact Angle via Image Processing

We present an energetic and precise data of contact angle measurement by followed the standard IEC TS 62073-2016 [1] and build on by bringing knowledgeof an image processing to analyze that capitalizes on the transform image data of droplet water on porcelain insulator to indicate the Hydrophobicity Class and go through a variety of processes to achieving powerful and effective results. We show that various contact angle measurement problems can be treated in principle method that use an image processing approach. This method is a part of experiment for analyze data and provides a principled way to solving contact angle measurement in various settings. Moreover, the image processing applications enable to quantify and relate these properties in a mathematical function were found, that could be used in the field by the electrical companies because no human errors are detected and can add conditions to improve algorithm. Keywords - Contact Angle Method, Image Processing, Hydrophobicity Class, Insulator