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An Overview of Beam Forming Techniques Toward the High Data Rate Accessible for 5G Networks

The current communication systems will not be able to support the future network demands due to the increasing traffic, limitation of frequency resources, and high level of interference. Recently, beam-forming techniques have been introduced to reduce the interference by redirecting the transmission towards the desired users only. While such beam-forming enables better interference mitigation and improved network performance, the concerns on its effectiveness in dense deployment environments are arising. In this paper we are going to discuss about the effectiveness of beam-forming techniques through which data can be accessible in efficient manner with less amount of distortion. The distortion or interference is reduced by identifying the aggressor small cell and transmit the beams towards the desired users at different times.Due to antenna characteristics and natural wave transmission loss, the wireless LAN communication throughput performance decreases as the distance between the Axis Point (AP) station and the client device increases. Indeed in the normal home environment the WIFI communication quality may vary from location to location. Keywords - 5G; Beam-Forming; Interference Management; Su-Mimo/Mu-Mimo; Massive-Mimo; Throughput