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Deploying Relays in the Fifth Generation (5G) Network Wireless: Opportunities and Challenges

5G mobile communications is a paradigm shift in communication and internet technology. It aims to enable the networked society so that users, device, and machine can connect to high speed internet at anytime from anywhere. Nevertheless, the full description of the 5G is still emerging and issues related to the challenges that might face or confronting the 5G is still under research . Most of previous studies investigated the radio technology that makes the 5G a reality. However, few have focused on understanding the opportunities and challenges that can face deploying relays on the 5G network wireless. In this study, a review of existing literature is conducted to understand the opportunities and challenges that will face deploying relays on the 5G network wireless. The findings indicate that there are several challenges in achieving the maximum performance in the context of cooperative communication. These challenges are to find the optimal rely node (RN) from various prevailing RN. While there are also several opportunities and these include the enhancement in performance of the network and the reduction of the overhead triggered by RNs. This can be achieved by choosing from various communications metrics such as the signal to noise ratio (SNR), bit error rate (BER) and channel state information (CSI). and also include higher peak and user data rates,, enhanced coverage, improved energy efficiency. Keywords - 5G, Challenges, Latency, Self-organizing Network (SON)