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Modified Energy Efficient LEACH Protocol using NCNR Approach in Wireless Sensor Network

The distribution of various sensor nodes is performed over a specified region in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).Limited processing power, memory, and battery life are possessed by sensor nodes which are of smaller size. The lifetime of the system is extended by WSNs with the reduction of the energy consumption due to the limited battery power. By balancing the entire nodes for becoming a Cluster Head (CH), the energy application is adapted by the cluster based protocols. The performance is enhanced and WSN lifetime is increased by addressing the latest hierarchical routing protocols that is on the basis of LEACH protocol which is the main objective of this paper. Therefore, the earlier Node Ranked–LEACH is considered as existing in this paper. A network coding rank based technique wherein the overall transmissions for a specified period is introduced for reducing the consumption of energy. Depending upon the rank procedure, the overall lifetime of the network is improved by this presented method. Within the unpredicted failure towards certain CHs within additional LEACH versions, the random process selection is resolved by this method and compared to the earlier Node Ranked-LEACH and LEACH protocol’s version, the efficiency, energy consumption as well as lifetime of the network are improved by this method. Keywords - WSN, Cluster Head Selection, Clustering-based Protocols, LEACH Protocols, Network Coding.