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Universal Remote For Next Generation

A universal remote is a remote control that can be programmed to operate various brands of one or more types of consumer electronics devices. For this Philips, Samsung and Sony brands (Protocol) will be implementing to operate devices like TV, DVD etc. The remote stores the code for different appliances in its memory and when a key is pressed retrieves the code from memory and processes it, where normal remotes generate a code, every time a key is pressed. This paper deals with the hardware and software details for the implementation of Universal Remote Control (URC). Software design of URC is based on Programmable System on Chip (PSoC). The design is implemented using CY8C55 family of PSoC 5 architecture having ARM cortex M3 processor. The code is written in Embedded C, compiled with PSoC creator 2. Device selected for this particular project is CY8C5568AXI -060.