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Performance Evaluation Of Lte Femtocell In An Indoor Cellular Network

Long-term evolution (LTE) femtocells represent a very promising answer to the ever growing bandwidth demand of mobile applications. They can be easily deployed without requiring a centralized planning, to provide high data rate connectivity with a limited coverage. In this way, the overall capacity of the cellular network can be greatly improved. This paper investigates the use of femtocell as a solution to improve indoor coverage and off-load mobile data indoors on the macro cellular networks. Specifically, the article deals with a performance analysis of femtocell in an indoor cellular network. This is achieved by designing and modeling femtocell network in an indoor cellular network using an open source LTE-Sim Simulator. The performance metrics of the femtocell were obtained by measuring the SINR and the throughput. These performance metrics were discussed and compared to the macro cellular networks. The results demonstrate that femtocell assures improved indoor coverage, provides better network capacity than the 3G macro cellular networks. Keywords—LTE femtocell, LTE sim, indoor networks