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Realization of Biomedical Parameters of Human Body and its Monitoring Using Power Line Communication Technology

Power line systems use the standard electrical power lines to transmit data. For many years, power lines have been used for low speed (<30kbps) data communication in application like power distribution, automation and remote meter reading. The objective of this work is to have a quantitative assessment of the important physiological variables of the patients during critical periods of their biological functions from a distance. The distance may be realized within a hospital and more specific from ICU room to nursing or monitoring room. Patient monitoring equipment includes; acute care physiologic monitoring system continuously measures and displays data on vital signs, such as heart rate, body temperature and respiration rate. In this work, system consists of embedded systems and communication channel has been designed for transmitting real data mentioned above. Two main topologies have been implemented; Firstly two wireshas been used as a channel for basic embedded system and secondly power line was used as a transmission channel for the same purpose; in other hand GSM is used for sending SMS to doctor’s mobile.