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Intelligent Signalling System based on Real-Time Traffic Conditions for Emergency Vehicle Clearance and Stolen Vehicle Detection

As there is an uncountable increase in the number of vehicles which ultimately results in the traffic conjunction, therefore, the analysis of the traffic system has become the crucial part. Investing the time in the traffic is not affordable for emergency vehicles such as ambulance, fire Bridged, and some government vehicles, therefore, it is necessary to handle this traffic conjunction. The main objective of the system is to provide immediate and efficient services to the emergency vehicles as well as it will be able to automatically handle the traffic based on the current density of the vehicles and identify the stolen vehicles. In this paper, the image pre-processing techniques, RFID transmitter and receiver, and various algorithms such as background subtraction, object detection, and classification are revised to evaluate a more competent system with more accuracy. Keywords - Intelligent Signalling System, Object Detection, Object Analysis, Background Subtraction, Template Matching, Emergency Vehicle Detection, A Rule Violation, Stolen Vehicle, ZigBee, GSM, SIM300