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A Robust Automated Vehicle Tracking System

In today’s world with the increasing use of technology in every aspect of life, every vehicle owner is looking forward to equipping the vehicle with more advanced gadgets that can provide more ease and comfort options. This research is based on designing and implementing Automated Vehicle Track Assistant (AVTA), a system that can take the vehicle’s location along with its usage stats and make decisions depending upon those certain parameters of the vehicle. Usage refers to the data of vehicle Speed, RPM, Fuel-Level, Engine-Temperature and its Location while decision making refers to giving alerts, displaying information and providing options for a particular event which can help the driver to take quick precautionary actions. The system also helps in finding the nearest auto-mechanic stores for diagnostic/troubleshooting purposes with the route and duration to the particular store. The proposed system has been validated on a number of actual test cases and up to 96% correct results achieved Keywords- Android, ECU, ELM327, Google Maps, OBD-II, Vehicle Track Assistant.