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A Mac Protocol With Interference Avoidance Mechanism For Wireless Sensor Network

In a WSN a large no .of sensor nodes are placed for monitoring physical phenomena. Sensor node is a small battery powered device; it is not possible to recharge the battery of node. One of the ways to increase the life time of the network is by designing power efficient MAC protocol. S-MAC protocol which uses periodic sleep/wake schedule is used to reduce idle listening time but this reduces network capacity & increases end to end latency. So that, we have proposed MAC protocol which increases channel utilization by allowing multiple nodes to transmit there packets during a frame without interfering another nodes communication. Here we are using IEEE 802.15.4 MAC protocol which enhances network throughput, reduces end-to-end latency, low power consumption & moderates the overhead of four-way handshake mechanism. There are basically two type routing algorithms used with 802.15.4 are AODV and the Tree Based Routing Algorithm. Here we are using AODV to find performance of network.