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Texture Features Extraction from Panchromatic Images

Texture features extraction from panchromatic images is used to detect the trees of the urban area. While most of the existing studies have concentrated only on tree crown detection or tree species identification. On the other hand, urban areas are visually distinguishable, as they contain a lot of small shadows or dark spots in satellite images. In this observation by extracting simple texture features from the panchromatic images, texture-based feature extraction methods are used in our methodology. In this, the methodology consists of three phases. In the first phase, the input images will be pre-processed to suppress unwanted distortions like shadows and dark spots etc. and enhance the image quality. Then in the second phase, the image segmentation is performed on the enhanced image and to detect objects and boundaries. Finally, in the third phase, the texture features from panchromatic images are extracted and these features are used for delineation of tree crowns from panchromatic images. Keywords - Tree Crown Detection, Haralick Features, Panchromatic Images.