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Lighting Controlling in a Smart Home using Mosquitto Server on Raspberry PI 3

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a paradigm where everyday objects can be equipped with identifying, sensing, net-working and processing capabilities that will allow them to communicate with one another and with other devices and services via the Internet to accomplish some objective [1]. The IoT is easy to use and easy to implement in daily life. Every smart system must have a server to communicate between users and IoT devices. Now there are many free IoT servers, for example the hivemq server, the cloud mqtt server, etc. What will happen if every home is a smart home and every farm is a smart farm? There will be too many transactions on the internet to control devices which will lead to a high possibility of traffic overloads or when the internet or server is down. Therefore, service providers should be prepared to solve these problems. They can simply either change the free servers to be paid servers or limit users accessing to the servers. Yet, if the IoT systems do not have a server or cannot communicate with a server, it means the IoT system cannot remotely work or control the system. Above all, one of the most practical solutions is to setup their private server in order to support their systems. The purpose of this paper is to discuss on how to setup private server on RaspberryPI 3 with a setting MQTT server of a Mosquitto server. Keywords - Smart Home, Internet of Things, Mosquitto Server, Light Control with Raspberry PI