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A Short Virtual Reality Mindfulness Meditation Training for Regaining Sustained Attention

The ability to focus one’s attention underlies success in many everyday tasks, but voluntary attention cannot be sustained for a long period of time. Several studies indicate that attention training using computer-based exercises can lead to improved attention in children and adults. A major goal of recent research is to create a short (10 minutes) and effective VR Mindfulness meditation particularly designed for regaining or improving sustained attention. In this study, we have created a custom virtually relaxing environment including an archery game with multiple targets. In the experiment, the attention span of 12 adults are tested before and after the virtual reality session by a non-action video game ([19]) score and Muse headband EEG-signals. After the 10-minute virtual reality session, participants’ game scores increased (according to game experience): for the beginner by 275%, for intermediate by 107%, and for an expert by 17%. For Muse headband data, calm points increased by 250% irrespective of the participants gaming experience. After the experiment, all participants reported feeling recharged to continue their daily activities. Keywords - Sustained Attention, Mindfulness Meditation, Virtual Reality, Archery game.