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A Parallel Detection and Decoding Technique for MIMO Communication Systems

Two of important requirements of fifth generation new radio (5G- NR) access networks are very high capacity and ultra-reliability. In this paper, we proposed a V-BLAST 𝑵𝒕 􀵈 𝑵𝒓 MIMO system that is analyzed and improved, and expected to achieve both very high throughput and ultra-high reliability simultaneously. A new detection technique called parallel detection and decoding algorithm is developed and compared with existing linear detection algorithms. It was seen that the proposed technique increases the speed of signal transmission, provides high throughput and prevents error propagation, which may be present in serial decoding techniques. The new algorithm reduces the bit error probability and increases the capacity simultaneously without using STC. However, it was seen that the BER of MIMO systems using the proposed algorithm is higher than a similar systems using standard STC technique, and it is lower than system using MGSTCs technique. Simulation results show the advantages of the proposed technique. Keywords- Index Terms_ MIMO, Parallel Detection and Decoding, V-BLAST.