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Smart Farming using Automated bot

Agriculture is one of the fastest growing industries and with advancements in Science and technology, this sector is booming exponentially. In order to make the industry more efficient and meet the growing demand of food, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of poly crop and automated mono crop farming. This can be achieved by integrating the technologies of future, like IOT, data analysis, big data etc. with each and every step. Agrobot is an automated machine consisting of microcontrollers(raspberry-pi , Arduino), stepper motors, pumps and other software components, will take input from user regarding the crops to be grown at specific co-ordinates through an Android App /Web page and use the data related to soil profile , weather conditions required , water requirement , fertilizer requirement etc. from the cloud to grow the crop autonomously. This product will reduce the chances of human error to almost zero and could be used as a personalized bot for terrace gardening, kitchen gardening etc. Keywords - Internet of Things, Data Analysis, Big Data, Raspberry-PI, Android App, Kitchen Gardening, Polycrop, Green Revolution, Agro bots.