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The Visual Approach in Contingency Analysis using Contouring Technique

This work describes the visual approach to electric power system, showing the power flow in normal and contingency situations using voltage and current contouring technique. The analysis is done using the well-known Power World application. This program design and analyze practical power system in user-friendly manner by employing a graphical user interface (GUI) environment. The work deals with solving problems for blackout case scenario and giving solution alternatives. The report is organized into five sections. First section briefs an overview of the work and its major objectives with importance of visual approach in power system. Second section deals with Power World notations and symbols. Third section briefs power system analysis and contingency analysis. Forth section covers the case study of the blackout situation at Taibah University region. Fifth section shows voltages and currents loading analysis. Sixth section concludes the work’s results. Keywords - Contingency Analysis, Contouring, GUI, Power System Analysis, Power world, Visualization.