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A Comparative Study on Human Gait Recognition Techniques

Nowadays biometric is a unique key for the security purposes and also in applications which are used in our day today life. Human gait is also a biometric key which is technically named as human gait recognitions. Human gait recognition is more over like the other biometric systems which does iris recognition, signature recognition, voice analysis etc. Gait analysis is a method used to recognize the human gait the captured motion of the human is matched with the data present in the dataset based on that the analysis is done and the result is achieved. Human gait are captured by handy sensors and non-handy sensors. Some of the techniques used in the gait analysis are GEI, KGGM, and VGGM. This paper gives critique of a comparative analysis on the techniques of the gait analysis in the human gait recognitions. Keywords - Visual Gait Generative Model, Kinematics Gait Generative Model, Gait Energy Image, Tensor Flow