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Advantages of using Two-Way Adjustable Damper to Improve Solar Vehicle Suspension Performance

In this paper, two mathematical damper models are analyzed using quarter car model. Analysis is based on the solar vehicle build by students from Lodz University of Technology. First damper is characterized by symmetry between compression and rebound action, second one is described by Spencer model and reproduce two-way adjustable hydraulic device. It provides control over rebound and compression force, hence asymmetric characteristics can be created. The purpose of this paper is to present the possibilities of improving the vertical dynamics of a solar vehicle by using two-way adjustable damper. Quarter car models are forced by single excitation imitating road bump. The comparative analysis is made proving advantage of two-way adjustable damper for solar vehicle. The biggest advantage is significant reduction in vehicle settling time after hitting the bump. Keywords: Quarter car model, Spencer model, passive suspension, solar vehicle, two-way adjustable hydraulic damper.