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Design and Analysis of Compact Multiband Double Inverted T Fractal Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth for Different Applications

In this paper there is a new design approach for Multiband coplanar waveguide (CPW)-fed double inverted T Shape fractal patch antenna which generates two wide resonant frequency bands for -10-dB S11 bandwidth to cover WLAN(2.4GHz),WiMAX(3.30GHz) and Wi-Fi(5.50GHz) simultaneously. To get multiband operation, a second-iterative fractal-radiating patch is printed on a single substrate layer and a CPW structure is used to feed this antenna. For numerical analysis, simulation, optimization, and electromagnetic (EM) modelling of the prototype structure, HFSS is used. To assess the antenna performance in terms of impedance bandwidth, radiation pattern, gain, and efficiency, ANSYS HFSS is employed. The simulation results show that antenna has a planar, simple design and low-cost to be manufactured. In addition, the proposed antenna operates in Multiband, it has good stable omnidirectional radiation patterns, and the gain over the operating bands are 4.1 dB, 4.5 db and 4.8 dB, respectively. The simulated results shows that the proposed antenna achieves good impedance matching an operating bandwidth of 360MHz, 500MHz and 1100MHz at 2.40GHz, 3.3GHz and 5.50GHz respectively. Thus it covers WLAN 2.4–2.60 GHz, Wi-MAX 3.10-3.60GHz and Wi-Fi 5.0-6.0GHz band. Keywords - Fractal, Multiband, Wideband, CPW Feed, WIMAX, WIFI and T Shape.