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LabVIEW based Simultaneous Control of Simulated and Wireless Controlled Robotic Car using SSVEP Signal

This work proposes control of simulated and wireless real time controlled robotic car using SSVEP signal-a personal care robot to help patients suffering from neurological disorders. A multitone signal simulated in LabVIEW, having features similar to that of real time EEG signals, is preprocessed by applying temporal filtering. The resultant signal is feature classified by applying the Hilbert Transform for identification of phase value of EEG signal. Once the phase value is detected, the translational commands are then passed for the control of both simulated robotic car and real time robotic car simultaneously with the help of NI My DAQ. The experimental results reacha mean accuracy of 75%. Keywords - Brain Computer Interface (BCI), SSVEP (Steady State Visual Evoked Potential), LabVIEW.