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Multi-Grain Capacitive Sensor For Qualitative Determination Of Moisture In Grains

Moisture plays an important role in storage and processing of food grains and agricultural products. It is an important characteristic of most agricultural products for maintenance of quality. Accurate information about the moisture content can be of significant value in maintaining quality and preventing contamination of cereal grains. The present study reports the quality assessment of capacitive sensor based Multigrain Moisture Meter (MGMM) for moisture measurement. The assessment was carried out in terms of quality factor, dissipation factor and loss factor measurement for frequency range of 100 kHz to 400 kHz. At frequency 230 kHz, the loss angle was found to be zero and it was found that the developed capacitive sensor exhibits near to pure capacitive behavior in this frequency range. Hence it has negligible losses and behaves as an accurate dielectric cell. Keywords- Moisture content (MC), Multi-Grain Moisture Meter (MGMM), Capacitive sensor, Electrical Properties.