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Pegasis And Its Descendant Protocols: A Survey

Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a network made up of many micro-sensors. It is mainly used to accept and send different kinds of data to the base station. Sensor nodes deployed in network contains restrained battery power and it is not easy for a network with large number of nodes to exchange the battery. Hence, energy efficient routing protocol should be preferred to enhance the life expectancy of network. Hierarchical Routing Protocols are the best known protocols to minimize the energy diminution. PEGASIS is one of the best fundamental chain-based hierarchical routing protocols which can be hired to lessen the energy diminution in network. This paper encloses the survey of different chain based routing protocols that have been developed from PEGASIS and also discuss some of the shortcomings and issues in PEGASIS which are overcomed by the descendants of PEGASIS. Keywords: PEGASIS, Hierarchical Routing Protocol, Energy diminution.