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A5.8 GHz Fractional-N Synthesizer for Wireless Transceiver Applications

This paper presents a 5.8 GHz fractional-N synthesizer that is used for wireless transceiver applications in 55nm CMOS process. The synthesizer could cover 5.8GHz frequency band with quadrature I/Q output. Simulations show that the phase noise (PN)@11.6GHzof the synthesizer is -80dBc/Hz, -95dBc/Hz and -105dBc/Hz with frequency offsets of 50kHz, 100kHz and 1MHz respectively. The die area of the proposed synthesizer is 0.6mm X 0.7mm. The current consumption of the synthesizer is 15mA with 1.2V supply voltage. Keywords - CMOS, PLL, FRACTIONAL-N Synthesizer