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1×8 Em Coupled Dual Band Linear Array Antenna with Point to Multipoint Communication for Millimeter Wave Application

Communication system has changed very much in the past few years and would require a device with low cost, lower weight and a low profile that could operate at wide range of frequencies with high performance. The electromagnetically (EM) coupled array antenna is one of the possible solutions which is substitute for wide/multiband antenna. In EM coupled antenna patch and feed are separated by a substrate and transmission happens through coupling. The substrate used is RT/rogers-5880 with a dielectric constant of 2.2, tangent loss of 0.0009mm and height of 0.0635mm.The antenna is simulated using commercial tool Ansys HFSS. Parameters such as return loss, VSWR, gain, and radiation pattern are taken into account to design and simulate this array. The simulated antenna shows the return loss of -27.33dB for 55.6GHz and -37.02dB for 60.6GHz. Index terms- EM Coupled, Microstrip Patch Antenna, 5G, Dual Band, Linear Array, and Point To Multipoint.